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From this page, you can get all of Something Funny's applications. By clicking on the names from the table below, you can download the program.


File NameDescriptionSize
Free Cup Holder This is a small (but funny) program, with a button whose caption is, "Click here for a free cup holder!". When clicked, the CD drive (supposed to be the cup holder) opens. Upon being clicked again, it closes. You can send this to your friends to make them laugh.   45 KB
Colour Changer Yet another completely useless yet entertaining program of mine. Well, I guess you can use its real-time hexadecimal, long, and RGB (and inverses) conversion for developement. Sliders are adjusted for amounts of red, green, and blue in a colour.   74 KB
It Is Raining HyperMonkeys! A PC version of my popular calculator game Fall--you control a falling monkey with the arrow keys, in an attempt to fall through the gap in a line. Complete with music. Give it a try! (It can be very addicting.) 277 KB

Stay tuned for more programs!

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