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One day, two friends went shopping at a mall. When they were finished, they went outside to their car, which was a convertible. Once they reached the car, they realized that they had locked the keys inside. So they both stood there and started thinking. They came up with the idea to try and open the car with a hanger. So one of them started prodding the lock with the hanger, while the other person looked up at the sky and suddenly became very worried. "Hurry, hurry," he urged. "It's going to rain and we left the top down!"

Phr3drico went down to Georgia to visit his grandmother. While walking down a dusty country road, he saw two men walking on the other side. One of them was carrying a big bag, labeled, "Chickens."
"Chickens, eh?" says Phr3drico. "Hey, if I guess how many chickens you got, will you give me one?"
"Heck," says the man with the bag, "if you guess right, I'll give you both of 'em." Then Phr3drico, thinking, scratches his head and guesses, "Um... five?"

Conspiracy? Could it be that Clinton and Bush are the same?!

An Israeli soldier who just enlisted in the army asked his Commanding Officer for a three-day leave.

The CO says "Are you crazy? You just joined the Israeli army, and you already want a 3-day leave? You must do something extreamly good for our cause for that!"

So the soldier comes back a day later in an Arab tank!

The CO was so impressed, he asked "How did you do it?"

"Well, I jumped in a tank, and went toward the border with the Arabs. I approached the border, and saw an Arab tank. I put my white flag up, the Arab tank put his white flag up. I said to the Arab soldier, "Do you want to get a three-day pass?" So we exchanged tanks!"

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